This is briefly about who we are and what we do. All other pages are only available in German for the time being.



What is
regiogeschichte.ch :

: We are a politically, institutionally and confessionally independent network of historians and ethnologists. We supply up-to-date facts about the history and culture of the Basel area.

: We are a non-profit network. Our members are free to ask for a fee.


How does
regiogeschichte.ch work :

: regiogeschichte.ch supplies an index listing adresses and subjects of talks and guided tours.


: You then contact the wanted person directly. Specially indicated members are prepared to supply further information, in some cases asking for a fee.


Who is behind
regiogeschichte.ch :

: regiogeschichte.ch originates from an idea of Dr. Daniel Hagmann's, who also runs the project. He is not responsible for the services rendered by its members.

: regiogeschichte.ch is a guest of hist.net.


Would you like
to become a member of
regiogeschichte.ch :


: Individuals, groups or institutions are welcome to join us. Membership is free. Please contact Dr. Daniel Hagmann.