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One Web Interface for Searching Polish Digital Libraries

The Digital Libraries Federation is a project which gathers metadata information about resources published by several polish digital libraries and repositories and makes it available through one web interface ( The Digital Libraries Federation is maintained by the Pozna? Supercomputing and Networking Center affiliated by the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of Polish Academy of Sciences, and the PSNC Digital Libraries Team is responsible for the DLF development.

Collective preservation of history – two projects from Poland



The case of internet communities is widely discussed in the context of the Web 2.0 idea. Cognitive, educational potential of communities is proved in Wikipedia, where groups of users in a dynamic way (discussion, co-operation) build knowledge resources. The quality of theirs works can be sometimes better than articles in the professionals encyclopedias. Despite all the problems connected with collective and freely edited knowledge, Wikipedia became an excellent place for starting a research.

But can online communities be helpful in the case of history preservation? Two projects started some time ago in Poland encourage internet users to collectively gather the historical materials and knowledge.