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Doch, diesmal ist es eine Stellenausschreibung. Nicht eine, die wir aufgesetzt haben und direkt um die Ecke ist der Arbeitsort auch nicht, aber die University of Queensland drüben in Australien hat tatsächlich eine Professur ausgeschrieben in e-History:

The School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics is seeking an outstanding appointee to provide academic leadership in History and internationally-recognised expertise in e-History and related aspects of e-Humanities. This is a new initiative created to give the study of History at UQ across several faculties and a number of schools and centres a point of convergence and a unique difference through a major e-History and e-Humanities project. The appointee would work with researchers on new methods and ways of accessing, assembling and analysing historical information through electronic media. The appointee will be expected to develop the national and international standing of the School, the Faculty and UQ for leadership in e-History and e-Humanities, including government and industry partnerships and other forms of external recognition, collaboration, and funding. The appointment will be 50% in teaching and research within the School and 50% in e-History and e-Humanities projects.

Schade, zum Pendeln nicht geeignet …